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Dear David

I hope you’re the person I’m looking for, I was given your name by the East Anglian Air ambulance dr yesterday at Ipswich Hospital, when I found that my partner Tim had been involved in a serious accident at Woodbridge airfield in Suffolk.

Please can I express my immense gratitude to you for your efforts and professionalism yesterday. Were it not for you, my 3 children and I could very well have lost him. I know that Tim will want to express his gratitude to you personally when he’s recovered but I wanted to do it now.

My nephew is training to be a paramedic and I am so very grateful that there are people such as you and him.

Tim and his friend Steve were unbelievably lucky. Tims awaiting an MRi scan as they think his spine ligaments may be damaged and he’s in a great deal of pain.
All I can say is thank you David, really, truly thank you for what you do

With very sincere best wishes and gratitude

Mystery Man
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