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Hello, I’m looking for this email to get to David.

Hi David, my name is Tim and you saved my life last Saturday and I want to say a big THANK YOU from me, my family and friends.

I have been released from hospital but remain fairly battered and bruised!

Whilst I don’t have much recollection of the accident, I know that my heart had stopped and you brought me back. It is difficult to put in to words my gratitude and I never expected to be in such circumstances but the job you do is critical and I am living proof of that.

At the moment I am pleased to be blissfully ignorant of the details but from what I have been told, you, the Marshall’s, my friends and the air ambulance all played a part but your’s was critical.

I already support the East Anglian Air Ambulance through an annual fundraising event but I have decided to make a donation on behalf of you and Javelin Track Days as a way of putting some substance behind my gratitude.

I won’t be racing for a while but I will make myself known to you when I venture to Woodbridge again later in the year.

In the mean time, thank you and please never underestimate the value of the work done by you and your colleagues.

Best wishes.

Mystery Man

Dear David

I hope you’re the person I’m looking for, I was given your name by the East Anglian Air ambulance dr yesterday at Ipswich Hospital, when I found that my partner Tim had been involved in a serious accident at Woodbridge airfield in Suffolk.

Please can I express my immense gratitude to you for your efforts and professionalism yesterday. Were it not for you, my 3 children and I could very well have lost him. I know that Tim will want to express his gratitude to you personally when he’s recovered but I wanted to do it now.

My nephew is training to be a paramedic and I am so very grateful that there are people such as you and him.

Tim and his friend Steve were unbelievably lucky. Tims awaiting an MRi scan as they think his spine ligaments may be damaged and he’s in a great deal of pain.
All I can say is thank you David, really, truly thank you for what you do

With very sincere best wishes and gratitude

Mystery Man

I suffered an unfortunate injury on Saturday when a Land Rover chassis fell on my hand. I was attended by paramedics, taken to their ambulance and then after an initial clean up and dressing, was taken to A&E.

The chaps that dealt with the situation were all absolutely excellent, both in terms of the medical care provided and their cheery positive attitudes. All are a credit to your company, and handled things in a very professional manner.

Their thoughtfulness, and assistance, in getting my wedding ring removed quickly (intact) probably prevented it having to be cut off at the hospital – many thanks.

I made a point of going back to see the guys at the show today and to give my thanks again, but also wanted to let management within your company know what a great service they are providing.

Mystery Man
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